Italian Words & Idioms:

"Frutti di mare"
What it means – Seafood

What it means –Cheese

What it means – Small, seed shaped pasta

What it means – Garlic

What it means – Stuffing or Filling

What it means – Lunch

What it means – Dinner

What it means –a fried pastry

What it means – Sauces

What it means – dumpling


"Conosco i miei polli"
What it means – I know what I am talking about

Literally – I know my chicken.


"Sono pieno come un uovo"
What it means – I'm stuffed, can’t eat anymore

Literally – I am as full as an egg


"Non fare il salame"
What it means – Don’t be a ham

Literally – Don’t act like salame


"Avere il prosciutto sugli occhi"
What it means – You're unable to see the truth

Literally – You have ham over your eyes


"E' tutto pepe"
What it means – He/She is full of life!

Literally – He/She is all pepper!

"Non puoi avere la botte piena e la moglie ubriaca"
What it means – You can’t have your cake and eat it too

Literally – You can’t have a full wine barrel and a drunk wife

"Non tutte le ciambelle riescono col buco"
What it means – Things don’t always turn out as expected

Literally – Not all donuts come out with a hole

"Ha la faccia de pesce lesso"
What it means – He looks like someone uninteresting

Literally – He has the face of a boiled fish

"E'rigido come un baccala"
What it means – He is not comfortable, he looks stiff

Literally – He is a as rigid as salted cod

"Questa persona e' un plentone"
What it means – This person is physically slow, awkward, goofy

Literally – This person is a polenta eater

"Avere le mani di pastafrollo"
What it means – To be unable to hold something without dropping it

Literally – To have pastry dough hands

"Avere le mani in pasta"
What it means – To be very well connected

Literally – To have the hands in the dough

"Questa cosa mi fa venire il latte alle ginocchia"
What it means – This thing gives milk in my knees

Literally – It is said of something (or someone) boring

"Quella persona ha il pelo sullo stomaco"
What it means – It is said of people who are unethical

Literally – That person has hair on his stomach

"Questa cosa mi sta sullo stomaco"
What it means – This thing is really unpleasant and annoying

Literally – This thing sits on my stomach